• A smoke alarm is critical for the early detection of a fire in your home and could mean the difference between life and death. Fires can occur in a variety of ways and in any room of your home. But no matter where or how, having a smoke alarm is the first key step toward your family’s safety.
  • VIP Protection smoke alarm safety inspection ensures your smoke alarms are installed correctly and to Victorian regulations. Making sure they are in good working order, with free battery replacement.
  • Smoke alarm operation inspected by licenced A Grade Electrician
  • Smoke Alarm battery replacement
  • Smoke alarm service standard check
  • Safety check completed every year

We also offer other services such as:

  • Electrical and Gas Preventative Maintenance
  • Heating and Cooling Solutions
  • Rectification Works
  • Air B’n’B Preventive Maintenance Schedules

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