We couldn’t agree more, providing a safe home for your renter is important.  Not only for the well-being of the renter but also to protect your investment.  

Property Providers are busy people, we understand this and that’s why we use reliable, industry tested software that allows us to keep detailed records and set reliable reminders, so your investment is never at risk.

We liaise directly with your renter/s and promise to provide them with the same kind and considerate customer service, and as a locally owned and operated business we offer fast and reliable service, without the long wait times. 

We set up reliable reminders for you too. So next year, right on time, you will receive an email letting you know you are due to for your next inspection.

We can also organise rectification and maintenance work without the long wait times and upon request we will organise immediate temporary hot water and heating systems should one of these be deemed unsafe or fail. 

We are here to help!

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