All our inspection services are checked off with Energy Safe Victoria approved reports, conducted by a licensed
tradesman, and are completed in accordance with the Victorian Residence Tenancy Act

Total Security
$610 +GST

Gas, Electrical and Smoke Safety Checks – includes 2 gas appliances $50 for additional appliances

  • Electrical safety check by a licensed A Grade electrician.
  • Gas safety check by licenced Gas Fitter.
  • Smoke alarm operation check and battery replacement by a licensed A Grade Electrician.
  • Free visual inspection and filter clean of 1 Air-Conditioning unit.
  • Free online Portal access to reports and properties.
  • Energy Safe Victoria Electrical Safety report
  • Minor issues can be resolved on the spot by signing the $200 Variance to save yourself an additional call out Fee

Electrical Security

Electrical Safety Checks

  • Switchboard tests
  • Power point tests
  • Electrical appliance inspection
  • 7-Point Safety Check
  • Energy Safe Victoria Electrical Safety report

Conducting Safety checks every 2 years of electrical appliances, fixtures and installations will keep renters safe from the dangers that are associated with electrical faults. It will also ensure landlords and property managers are fulfilling their obligations.

Gas Security

Includes 2 gas appliances – $50 per additional Gas appliance

  • A leak and pressure retention test on the main gas line
  • Negative pressure test
  • Carbon monoxide spillage test
  • Full 7-point safety check
  • An Energy Safe Victoria Gas Safety Report

Conducting Safety checks of gas appliances, fixtures, and installations at least every 2 years will ensure renters are safe from carbon monoxide leaks. It also ensures property providers and property managers are fulfilling their obligations.

Fire Security

  • Smoke alarm operation inspected by licenced A Grade Electrician
  • Smoke Alarm battery replacement
  • Smoke alarm service standard check
  • Safety check completed every year

We also offer other services such as:

  • Electrical and Gas Preventative Maintenance
  • Heating and Cooling Solutions
  • Rectification Works
  • Air B’n’B Preventive Maintenance Schedules

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